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Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon, Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Samadhi Temple Shegaon, Gajanan Maharaj Ashram

Gajanan Maharaj Shegaon, Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Samadhi Temple Shegaon, Gajanan Maharaj Ashram

Centres Of Faith - Gajanan Maharaj - Introduction


Gajanan Maharaj was a noted saint who gave a new direction to Maratha religion, philosophy, and forbearance. He was a contemporary of Saibaba of Shirdi.
 He was born in Sajjangadh and is considered an avatar of Shivajji’s Guru, Samarth Ramdas. His family background is debatable. Some relate him to the Gokhale family while some consider him to be a Latkar Brahmin.
His childhood name was Gan Sawle. Besides, he was also known as Ganpat Bua and Auliya Baba. He always chanted the mantra ‘Om Gan Gan Ganaat Botey’. This is why he came to be known as Gajanan Maharaj.
He came to Shegaon on 23rd February, 1878 A.D. and lived there all his life. After his death, a grand temple in red and yellow was built at the place of his Samadhi.
Shegaon is a small town in the Buldhana district of the Vidarbh region of Maharashtra. Some devotees of Maharaj consider Shegaon to be Bhu-Vaikunth (God’s land on Earth) while some others believe it to be the Pandharpur of Vidarbh. Today, he is the most worshipped amongst the entire population of Vidarbh region and an offering to him is a must before a meal. Millions of devotees visit Shegaon every year.



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
Gajanan Maharaj is believed to be an avatar of Samarth Guru Ramdas. He was a firm devotee of Vithoba of Pandharpur and encouraged his devotees also to visit Pandharpur.
 Maharaj also performed a number of miracles, seen and experienced by his devotees; some of them being increasing the level of a dry well, controlling the behaviour of crows, etc.
Much before his death in 1910 A.D., he had declared the time and place of his death well in advance in 1908 A.D.
Devotees believe that even today they receive help and guidance from him. A number of them have even documented their experiences.

Historical Facts

There is not enough information available about the early life of Gajanan Maharaj. Some people consider Thal near Shegaon as his birth place while few others, Sajjangadh.
He moved around various places during his childhood and his younger days. After staying in the ashram of Swami Samarth of Akkalkot, he came to Nasik where he acquired the knowledge of Yog and Bhakti from saints like Brijbhushan and Raghunathdas.
In 1865 A.D., Maharaj came to Vidarbh with Balshastri where he stayed in the company of devoted saints like Baba Maniram and Narsingh Baba.
He appeared in Shegaon on 30th February 1878 A.D. The first person to recognize him as a Siddh-purush (spiritually evolved being) was a money-lender called Bankatlal Agrawal.
He was also associated with the freedom fighters of Maharashtra. In 1907 A.D., he shared the dais with Lokmanya Tilak during the conference of the extremists in Akola.
Maharaj got a premonition about his death, two years before he died. Therefore he permitted the establishment of the Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan for the welfare of his devotees and the spread of his ideologies. This organization has been working continuously since 1908 A.D. towards the welfare of the people.
Maharaj took Samadhi on 8th September 1910 A.D. Hankukaji Patil built a magnificent temple at the Samadhi site. The devotees believe that Maharaj is always present here for the welfare of his followers.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Samadhi Temple:
This is the centre of all activities in Shegaon. Built in Maharaj’s favourite colours, red and yellow, it is right above the Samadhi. In the garbh-griha are seen his sandals (charan-paduka) and picture, besides the idols of Ram, Laxman and Seeta. The temple hall (sabha-mandap) is adorned with pictures associated with the events of his life.
Tourists can visit the world renowned Ajanta Caves situated at 120 km from here.
Lunar Lake:
Situated at 125 km, it is a lake formed by a volcanic crater.

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
The entire year, Shegaon celebrates festivals that are fixed. Other key festivals are:
From Pratipada to Navmi of Chaitra month (March-April), Ramjanmotsav is celebrated. During this period, Hari-kirtans, Yagnas, and Havans are organized.
Magh Saptami:
Magh Shukla Saptami (January-February) holds great significance and is celebrated as the day of appearance of Maharaj. On this occasion, Hari-kirtans and Mahaprasads are organized and a procession of Maharaj’s Palkhi (palanquin) is carried out.
Rishi Panchami:
Panchmi of Bhadra month (August-September) which is the day after Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with grandeur.
Besides these, every Thursday is a special day when the Palkhi procession of Maharaj is carried out in full décor. The procession also includes elephants, horses, and camels.

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
 Gajanan Maharaj Bhakt Niwas  Shegaon, Tel: +91 - 07265 - 52110
 Shri Hari Guest House
 Near Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 254 440
 Ajinkya Lodge
 Main Road, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 253 690
 Royal Palace
 Khamgaon Road, Near Railway Station, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 252 035, 252 990, +91 - 94228 80052
 Email  hotel.rp@gmail.com
 Web Site  www.hotelrp.com
 Hotel Suvidha
 Near Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 253 323
 Hotel Manas
 Near Bus Stand, Jambharun Road, Buldhana - 443 001
 +91 - 72 62 - 247 387, +91 - 94214 64428
 Hotel Shere - Punjab
 Near Bus Stand, Jambharun Road, Buldhana - 443 001
 +91 - 7262 - 242 625, 242 288, +91 - 98817 83314
 Fax  +91 - 7262 - 245 205
 Hotel Radhika
 Near Bus Stand, Buldhana - 443 001
 +91 - 7262 - 242 668
 Email  hotelradhika@hotmail.com
 Hotel Valmiki
 Near Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 254 071
 Hotel Snehanjali
 Near Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Shegaon - 444 203
 +91 - 7265 - 252 219, 254 333


 Geographical  Location  Height  Above  Sea Level  Average Annual Rainfall
 Latitude  Longitude  275 metres  1032 mm
 20.7˚ N  76.7˚ E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

 Month  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct   Nov    Dec
 Maximum   29  33  36  40  43  38  31  30  31  32  30  29
 Minimum  13  15  19  24  28  27  24  24  23  20  14  12
Important Informations
Shegaon is situated to the south of the Satpura Mountain range, on the Buldhana plateau. A huge lake ‘Lunar’ formed by a crater is situated 125 km from here.
The temperature reaches a high of 40 degrees Centigrade in summers (May-June). The maximum temperature in winter (December-January) is 19 degrees Centigrade while the minimum is 6 degrees.
The ideal time to visit Shegaon is from October to March.

General Information

General Information: 
 STD Code
 Puja Timings
 5.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m., 4.00 - 10.00 p.m.
 Police Assistance
 +91 - 7265 - 252 010
 Ambulance  Tel: +91 - 7265 - 254 101
 Hospital    Municipal Hospital
 Tel: +91 - 7265 - 252 472
 Currency  Exchange

 Bank of Maharashtra
 Shri Kavimadan Building, Hospital Road, Buldhana,
 Maharashtra - 443 001
 Tel: +91 - 7262 - 242 491
 ATM Centre


 Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan,
 Near Main Gate,
 Shegaon, Maharashtra - 444 203
 Post Office
 Tel: +91 - 7265 - 252 062
 Tourist Office
 Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation,  Sanskrit  Bachat Bhavan, Normal School Area,
 Opp. Laxmi Theatre, Seeta Building,
 Nagpur - 440 012
 Tel: +91 - 712 - 2533325
Arrangements for food are made by Gajanan Maharaj Seva Sansthan. Besides, good, economical Maharashtrian food is available in the local dhabas.

Travel Planner

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Airports in the vicinity: 
 Main Railway Stations  Station Code
 Mumbai CST  CSTM
 Pandharpur  PVR
 Surat  STA
 Ahmadnagar  ANG
 Pune  Pune
 Jejuri  JJR
 Nasik  NK
Road Distance from Destinations: 
 Trimbakeshwar  Nasik 26 km
 Mumbai 141 km
 Pune 206 km


 Mumbai 158 km
 Nagpur 201 km
 Aurangabad 197 km
 Shirdi  Nashik 96 km
 Aurangabad 130 km
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 Shegaon  Nagpur 160 km
 Aurangabad 167 km
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 Pandharpur  Pune 196 km
 Aurangabad 290 km
 Shani Shingnapur  Aurangabad 84 km
 Nasik 65 km
 Pune 65 km
 Bhimashankar  Mumbai 108 km
 Pune 87 km
 Nasik 145 km
 Jejuri  Pune 40 km
 Solapur 215 km
 Aurangabad 244 km