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Maihar Travel Guide, Maihar Temple, Shardamai Temple in Madhya Pradesh, Maihar Madhya Pradesh

Maihar Travel Guide, Maihar Temple, Shardamai Temple in Madhya Pradesh, Maihar Madhya Pradesh

Popular Devi Sites - Maihar Devi - Introduction


Maihar is  , a prominent Devi site in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, is also considered as a Shaktipeeth.
This place is known for the temple of Shardadevi who was the deity worshipped by Chandel kings.
It is also an important site from the industrial point of view due to a cement plant which is famous as Maihar Cement, all over India.
The Senia Maihar gharana (style) of Hindustani classical music evolved here. Renowned musician Ustad Alauddin Khan from this gharana also trained many other musicians like Annapurna Devi and Pandit Ravishankar.



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
Various Puranas refer to Maihar as a Shaktipeeth since the right breast of Sati is believed to have fallen here.
Shivani is considered as the Shakti and Chand as the Bhairav.
According to Alhakhand by Jaganak, Alha performed penance for 12 years and was granted immortality by Goddess Sharda.
According to local beliefs, the form of Goddess Sharda is that of a mother and she is the giver of both, knowledge and strength. If pleased, she also grants salvation.

Historical Facts

It has been an important site for the Shakt followers since ancient times. The oldest archaeological evidence found here is from the Gupt period about a person called Nupul Dev who established an idol of Lord Narsingh in 502 A.D.
During the Chandel rule, Sharda was their worshipped deity. Alha and Udal, 2 important generals of the Chandel king, Parmardi, were staunch devotees of her.
In the 18th century, the Kachhwaha Rajputs of Orchha conquered the entire region.
In 1778 A.D., the Kachhwahas made Maihar their capital and established the Maihar kingdom
During the British regime, the ruler of this province was given the title of Maharaja since it was a part of the Bundelkhand Agency.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Shardamai Temple:
This temple situated on Trikoot Hill, is the identity of Maihar. There are 1063 steps on the hill leading to the temple. To enter the Garbhagriha, one has to pass through Janmohan which has a flat roof with beautiful carvings in the passage. Behind the temple, at the foot of the hill is a lake, called the Alha Lake. Close to it is the akhada of Alha and Udal.

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
Tourists and pilgrims may be visiting Maihar throughout the year but larger crowds are seen during Ashwin Navratri (Sharad) and Chaitra Navratri. During this period, the hill and its surrounding areas take the form of a fair. It is considered as the ideal time by tantriks to perform their austerities and by common people to get their wishes fulfilled. On this occasion, the Goddess is offered Odhul and lotus flowers.

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
Lodging options are limited in Maihar; however a dharmshala has been built here.
Category General
Name Hotel Park
Address Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone +91 - 7672 - 223 017
Category General
Name Hotel Savera
Address Rewa Road, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone +91 - 7672 - 227661, 98272 44797
Category Medium
Name Hotel Chanakya
Address Railway Station, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone +91 - 7672 - 225 026
Category High
Name Hotel Bharat
Address Civil Lines, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development  Corporation
Telephone +91 - 7672 - 226 071
Email h_bharhut@sancharnet.in
Web Site www.mptourism.com
Category High
Name Surbahar Hotel
Address Maihar, Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Telephone +91 - 7674 - 233 362


Geographical  Location Height  Above  Sea Level Average Annual Rainfall
Latitude Longitude 367 feet 1464 mm
24.25° N 80.75° E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum 24 27 33 38 41 41 31 31 32 32 30 25
Minimum 10 13 19 22 26 29 25 25 25 21 13 9
Important Informations
The famous temple of Sharda Devi is situated on Trikoot Hill at about 4 km from Maihar. Bazaar.
The climate is moderate and the ideal time for visiting is between October and March.

General Information

General Information: 
STD Code
Puja Timings
6.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m.
Police Assistance
+91 - 7672 - 226 596
Ayushyaman Hospital and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.
Vidya Sagar Nagar, Near Circuit House,
Satna - 485 001, Dist. Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Tel: +91 - 7672 - 226 504, 228 335
Fax: 246 310
Currency  Exchange
UCO Bank
Sarla Nagar
Village-Maihar, Dist-Satna
Madhya Pradesh - 485 772
Tel: +91 - 7674 - 277 486
State Bank of India
Satna, Madhya Pradesh
Tel: +91 - 7672 - 415 000
ATM Centre SBI
Shop No. 1, Maihar Cement Cooperative Society  Market, Maihar, Madhya Pradesh - 485 772
Post Office
Maihar, Dist-Satna
Tel: +91 - 07674 - 232 041
Tourist Office
Railway Station, Satna
Tel: +91 - 7672 - 225 471
Milk products can be purchased. Shrikhand, milk etc from Sanchi Dairy can be tried.

Travel Planner

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Airports in the vicinity: 
Main Railway Stations Station Code
Chitrakoot dham CKTD
Satna STA
Jabalpur JBP
Ambikapur ABKP
Maihar MYR
Allahabad ALD
Road Distance from Destinations: 
Chitrakoot Allahabad 218 km
Khajuraho 111 km
Satna 80 km
Jabalpur 274 km
Kanpur 191 km


Jabalpur 240 km
Maihar 129 km
Satna 110 km
Allahabad 247 km
Varanasi 375 km
Maihar devi Satna 39 km
Varanasi 284 km
Khajuraho 130 km
Allahabad 195 km
Jabalpur 155 km
Amarkantak Jabalpur 213 km
Bhopal 514 km
Bilaspur 868 km
Raipur 262 km
Varanasi 406 km