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Trimbakeshwar Temple, Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nashik, Trimbakeshwar Temple History

Trimbakeshwar Temple, Jyotirlinga in Maharashtra, Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nashik, Trimbakeshwar Temple History

Dwadash Jyotirlings - Tryambakeshwar(Nasik) - Introduction


Sinhasth Kumbh is held in the Nasik-Trimbakeshwar area of Maharashtra.
Nasik city is situated on the banks of Godavari River, 8 km to the west of Nasik railway station on the Delhi-Mumbai rail route.
Trimbakeshwar is 29 km to the west of Nasik. Godavari river originates from Brahmagiri. Shiva’s famous Jyotirling is also situated here.
The area to the north of Godavari is called Panchvati where Lord Ram spent 12 years of exile and Laxman cut the nose of Shurpankha, Ravan’s sister.
Asia’s largest golf course is also situated in Nasik.
Nasik is also famous for its grape gardens. It is also known as the wine capital of India.



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
Nasik is a very ancient and holy pilgrimage and has been referred to by various names in the different yugas:
Sat yug - Padmanagar
Treta yug - Trikantak
Dwapar yug - Jansthan
Kaliyug - Nasik
  According to the Shiv Puran, pleased with Gautam Rishi’s meditation, Shiv & Ganga decided to reside here forever as Trimbak and Godavari, respectively. Therefore, Godavari is also known as Gautami.
The water of Godavari is considered to be holier than the 4 Amrits (Gangajal, Cow’s ghee, gold and somras) mentioned in Brahm Puran.
Shiv Puran states that when Leo is in Jupiter, all the Gods, pilgrimages, lakes, and holy rivers reside in Gautami.
Brahmvaivart Puran compares the virtues of Kumbh bath to that of Ashwamedh Yagna and 1 lakh godaans.

Historical Facts

After the Mauryas, the Satvahans established their dominance in this area. Satvahan king Krishna’s cave inscriptions are found in Nasik. Coins from the Satvahan era are found in Jogal Thambi.
The Shakas also dominated the area. Nahpan of the Kshahraat dynasty made Nasik his capital.
The area attained cultural and religious prosperity during the rule of Vakatak, Chalukya, and Rashtrakoot.
In 1187 A.D., when Bhilamma established the Yadav dynasty of Devgiri, this area too came under him.
The first Muslim invasion in this area happened during the times of Alauddin Khilji. Later, his son Mubaraq Khilji brought it under the Delhi Sultanate in 1318 A.D.
In 1347 A.D., the Bahmani Empire was established in the entire area and after its downfall, it came under the Nizams of Ahmednagar.
In 1636 A.D., Shahjahan added it to the Mughal Empire. During Aurangzeb’s rule, Nasik was known as Gulshanabad.
After the Mughals, the Marathas conquered the area. Bajirao I, Balaji Bajirao, and Madhavrao constructed a number of temples here.
From 1818 A.D. onwards, Nasik came under the British rule.
During the freedom struggle, Nasik was the centre of revolutionary activities led by the Savarkar brothers.
Anant Kanhare killed the district collector of Nasik on December 21, 1909, which led to the famous Nasik conspiracy case.
The session of Indian National Congress was held in Nasik in 1950.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Nasik has over 200 temples and holy places, some of which are:
Asthi-Vilay Teerth (Ramkund):
This ghat of Godavari has a number of temples, among which the temples of Ganga and Godavari are prominent. Godavari temple opens every 12 years during the Sinhasth Kumbh. Devotees immerse the ashes of their ancestors at this ghat. Ashes of a number of Indian leaders have been immersed here.
Sundar Narayan Temple:
Built by Balaji Bajirao, this temple is on the Godavari ghat, exactly opposite the Ramghat. This temple has idols of Narayan and Narayani.
Naaro-Shankar Temple (Rameshwar Temple):
Situated to the south of Ramkund, this temple is famous for its huge bell, which was won by Bajirao I from the Portuguese.
Kapaleshwar Temple:
This Shiv temple was built in the 14th century and is to the east of Ramkund.
Seeta Gufa:
This is a small cave located to the east of Kapaleshwar temple where Ram and Seeta stayed during their exile. It is here where Ravan is said to have abducted Seeta. The 5 vat-vrikshas (banyan trees) near the cave give this place its name Panchvati.
Kala Ram Temple:
It was built by the Marathas in 1782 A.D. near the Seeta Gufa. The temple has idols of Ram, Seeta, and Laxman made of black stone.
The entire area near the Kala Ram Temple is called Tapovan. It is referred to as Dandkaranya in Ramcharitmanas. Here, Kapila meets the Godavari. It is believed to be the land for meditation by Brahmrishis.
Pandavlena Caves:
10 km from Nasik on National Highway No 3 (NH-3) are located 24 caves of the Heenyaan sect of Buddhism. Built during the Satvahan period, these caves are similar to the Ajanta caves.
Trimbakeshwar Temple:
29 km from Nasik is the famous Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling of Shiv.
The temple has 3 small shivlings which are symbolic of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv.
The Godavari River also originates here.

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
Held at an interval of 12 years, it is the biggest festival here. According to astrological calculations, Mahakumbh is held when the Sun and Jupiter enter the Leo star sign (called Sinhasth). The last Mahakumbh was held in August-September 2003, and the next one is scheduled in 2015.
Shri Ram Janmotsav:
Although the birth of Ram falls on Chaitra Navmi, the celebrations last for 15 days. The splendour of Panchvati is worth witnessing during this period.
On the day after Ramnavmi, a procession is taken out on 2 chariots, Ram Rath and Garud Rath. The procession goes up to the Godavari River and returns back to the original place.
It is celebrated on a huge scale during the Magh month in Trimbakeshwar with great devotion and holiness.
Narayan Naagbali:
This ritual of Trimbakeshwar is completed by a devotee in 3 days. The entire ritual is conducted by the local pandits, with the main bath being held in Kushawart Teerth.

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
 Singhania  Panchvati
 Marwadi Dharmshala  Panchvati
 Tulsi Bhavan  Panchvati
 Maharaj Kapurthala Dharmshala  Panchvati
 Sindhi Dharmshala  Panchvati
 Category  General
 Name  Samrat Hotel
 Address  Old Agra Road, Central Bus Stand , Nasik,
 Maharashtra - 422 002
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2577211
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 2306100
 Category  General
 Name  Rajmahal Hotel
 Address  Old Central Bus Stand, Saharanpur Road, Nasik,  
 Maharashtra - 422 002
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2580501
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 2372023
 Category  General
 Name  Hotel Siddharth
 Address  Near Asardi Bridge, Nasik-Pune Road, Nasik,  Maharashtra
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2418516
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 2414288
 Category  Medium
 Name  Panchvati Elite Inn
 Address  Trimbak Road, Near Vinod Auto, Nasik, Maharashtra -  422 005
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2579031
 E-mail  eliteinn-nsk@sancharnet.in  
 Web Site  www.panchavatihotels.com
 Category  Medium
 Name  Hotel Panchvati Yatri
 Address  430, Vakil Wadi (Chandak Wadi), Near M. G. Marg,  Nasik,  Maharashtra - 422 001
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2572291
 E-mail  info@panchavatihotels.com
 Web Site  www.panchavatihotels.com
 Category  High
 Name  Quality Inn Residency
 Address  Shivaji Nagar, Nasik-Pune Road, Nasik, Maharashtra
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2412441
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 2412441 
 Category  High
 Name  Taj Residency
 Address  P-17, MIDC Ambad, Mumbai Agra Road,
 Nasik, Maharashtra - 422 101
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 6604499
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 6603366
 Web Site  www.tajhotels.com
 Category  High
 Name  Clarion The Westend Hotel
 Address  901/902, Agra-Mumbai Highway, Pathardi Phatak,  Nasik,  Maharashtra - 422 004
 Telephone  +91 - 253 - 2392323
 Fax  +91 - 253 - 2392030


 Geographical  Location  Height  Above  Sea Level  Average Annual Rainfall
 Latitude  Longitude  565 feet  700 mm
 20˚ N  75˚ E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

 Month  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct   Nov    Dec
 Maximum   29  30  39  37  36  31  28  27  29  31  30  28
 Minimum  12  13  17  20  22  22  22  21  21  17  14  12
Important Informations
The entire area is surrounded by 9 hills like Durga, Chitraghanta, Konkani, Ganesh etc.
October to March is considered as the ideal period for touring Nasik. However, during the Kumbh, maximum tourists visit during August / September.
Nasik is ideal for golf players too.

General Information

General Information: 
 STD Code
 Puja Timings
 Morning 7.00 - 9.00, Afternoon 1.00,
 Evening 7.00 -  9.00
 Police Assistance
 Police Station, Nasik Road, Nasik-Pune Road,
 Nasik – 422 101
 Tel: 91 - 253 - 2465133
 Ambulance  Tops Air Rescue
 Nasik-Pune Road, Nasik – 422 101
 Mobile: 09870150024, 09892130697, 09870173073.
 Jai Hospital Pvt Ltd
 Nasik-Pune Road, Nasik – 422 101
 Tel: +91 - 253 - 2571366 / 2581949
 Fax: +91 - 253 - 2576656
 Currency  Exchange

 Bank of Maharashtra
 Plot No 28, Harsiddhi, Nasik, Maharashtra - 422 101
 Tel: +91 - 253 - 2465481.
 ATM Centre  Axis Bank
 Shop No 2 , Anand Commerce Centre, S Number  306,
 Plot No 08, Nasik Road, Nasik - 422 101
 ICICI Bank Ltd
 Shop No 12/13, Dhanlaxmi CHS, Desouza Colony  Corner,  Nasik - 422 005
 HDFC Bank
 Shop No 13, Shubh-Laxmi Complex,
 Near Divya Ad Lab, Trimurti Chowk,
 Nasik – 422 009
 Post Office
 Nasik City Tel: 91-253-2502950
 Chief Nasik Post Office Tel: - +91 - 253 - 2506647
 Tourist Office
 The MTDC Tourist, T-1, Golf Club, Agra Road (old).
 Ambika Bhojnalay, Woodland (South Indian Food),  Sabel   (Chinese), Sahiba (Marathi Thali), Sukhsagar
The various restaurants in Nasik-Trimbakeshwar area serve Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Chinese as well as North Indian dishes. Misal-Pav and grapes from Nasik are very popular.

Travel Planner

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Airports in the vicinity: 
- मुंबई
- पुणे
- औरंगाबाद
- शोलापुर
- नागपुर
 Main Railway Stations  Station Code
 Mumbai CST  CSTM
 Pandharpur  PVR
 Surat  STA
 Ahmadnagar  ANG
 Pune  Pune
 Jejuri  JJR
 Nasik  NK
Road Distance from Destinations: 
 Trimbakeshwar  Nashik
26 KM
141 KM
206 KM


158 KM
201 KM
197 KM
 Shirdi  Nashik
96 KM
130 KM
89 KM
 Kailashnath- Ellora
177 KM
331 KM
28 KM
 Ghrishneshwar  Aurangabad
32 KM
117 KM
 Shegaon  Nagpur
106 KM
197 KM
 Mahakaleshwar  Pune
86 KM
260 KM
 Pandharpur  Pune
196 KM
206 KM
 Shani Shingnapur  Aurangabad
84 KM
65 KM
65 KM
 Bhimashankar  Mumbai
108 KM
87 KM
145 KM
 Jejuri  Pune
40 KM
215 KM
244 KM