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Linga Purana

Linga Purana

Linga Purana



Presently, In Hindu religion, Linga Puran is the most popular Linga-worship (worship of sense organ). This Puran commands 11th position in the successive order of all Puranas. it is considered as Shaiva Purana also counted as of Tamsi, nature. Besides, it has also influence of rituals & customs.


Linga Puran, like other Puranas, has also been written in communicative style. Many famous communications have been described in its different portions. Maharishi Vyas had composed it which was recited by son, Romharshan of Sutta rishi to other rishis.


This Puran contains description from origin of universe to incidents of Gupta age & on this basis, it is belived to be written in the period between 7th-8th centuries. Although, many appendix have been added to it time to time which are related to  later periods?


According to several authors, Lord Shiva, through, this ‘linga-purana’ had inculcated about religion, money, sex & salvation (dharma / arth’ Kam’ Moksha). Later, some other stroes were added to it. Lord Shiva has been considered Supreme than Lord Vishnu, in this puran. Presently, Ling Puran is divided into two parts – Ist part contains 108 chapters while its second part has only 55 chapters.


1st chapter of ling puran describes regarding origin of ‘Divya Jyotir Linga’. It describes that the ling was the first to origin (born) just after the destruction of the whole world (universe). It also throws light on its importance as well as the methods of Linga worship. Besides, its also contains articles related to Sun & som (the moon).


The much popular story of marriage, of Shiva & parvati has been glortied in detail in it. It also posess the story of burming of Karmdeva by Shiva & worship of Shiv by duties. Varah avtaar &   narsimha-avtaar stories have also been mentioned in it.


The second portion of this Purana mentions about the story & pride of Lord Vishnu beside story of creation of the universe by Brahma. It also stories light on different forms & aspects of Lord Shiva. It is also described in this Puran that Lord Shiva had taken 28 incarnvations on different occassions.


One part of this Purana describes about geography of the Earth alongwith description about Jambaudvip Meru Mountain, & other hills of seven islands. it also finds description about giving powers to different duties by Lord  Brahma even it also has a stories-description about light blessed to the Lord Sun.


Linga Puran do possess such reformes which have been described in other Puranas but have been explained differently in it. Life the story of Dhaunak grandson of maner), Andhak’s story, the story of Jalandhar etc. This portion tells about origin of different Gods &  about old royal dynasties. It also has mention of a story about birth of Lord Gansha by and  also Parvati, the God most popular in Maharashtra.


The linga Purana finds detailed description about different kinds of Yogic practices, powers contained in Mantras, establishment of Lingas etc. Its one fo the most notable part focusses on the significance of teachers (Gurus), & in this context, story of upnavyu has been described importantly.


Upnavyu has been regarded as son of Vyaghrapaad belongings to clean of Rishi Vashistha. Who used to table education while living in the ashram of Rishi Dhaumya & used to feed his hunger through alms. He has fatty body as such, gurus has forbade him to more eat. Later he becaame blind to eating leaves of cotton plant & had fallen into a well. In this situation teachers advised him to worship Ashwini Kumaaras. being happy, when Ashwani Kumaras wanted to give him medicines them, he refused to accept it without, order of teacher Ashwani Kumaras then blessed him with ‘Godly eyes & became younger due to blessings of teachers.


Likewise, these are an interesting incidence regarding no-worship of Brahma. According to Lingodhvara section of this Puran, Lord Shiva had cursed Brahma for he that he will not be furnished, mouth of cow will not be considered sacred, the flower of ketaki will not be used at any worship occassion.


Truly, Linga Purana is the base pillar text of Shiva. Bhakti. Linga Puran holds this similar respectful position as Bhagwat Puran has the position in Vaishnav cult. may of its sections are quite popular in whole Hindu religious community. Lord Shiva has been regarded as the supreme god in it & inspite of this, he has been not been given the permission to go agaisnt natural rules. It also finds mention about a story that when wives of rishies & saints became affectionate to forest living Lord Shiva then, Saints had cursed Lord Shiva.