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Brihadeshwara Temple, Brihadeshwara Temple Information, Temples in Tanjore, Hotels in Tanjore

Brihadeshwara Temple, Brihadeshwara Temple Information, Temples in Tanjore, Hotels in Tanjore

Main Shiv Sites - Vrihadeshwar(Tanjore) - Introduction


The famous temple of Vrihadeshwar (Shiv) is situated in the Kaveri delta of Tamil Nadu, in Tanjore. There are 74 temples over here, belonging to the Chola period.
The temple was declared a world heritage site in 1987 by UNESCO.
In the Kaveri delta, one can see the charm of Tamil language, the purest form of Bharatnatyam and the best representation of Dravidian architecture.
This place functioned as the capital of the Chola dynasty for about 400 years.



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
It has been described as the Parashar region in the Puranas.
According to local beliefs, a demon called Tanjan lived here along with other demons. In the battle with the Gods, Lord Vishnu killed him and the place came to be known as Tanjavur.
It is believed that Rajaraja-I, a Chola king, was instructed in his dream by Lord Shiv to bring the Saikat ling from the Narmada region and establish it here. The temple has the same huge ling idol.
Kaveri is considered as one of the 7 holy and mokshdaayi (giver of salvation) rivers. According to the Puranas, Kaveri was the wife of sage Agastya.

Historical Facts

The second pillar inscription of Ashok mentions about the Chola Empire of this region and refers to it as an ally kingdom where he sent medicines and doctors.
During the Sangam era, the famous Chola king, Karikal, constructed a dam over the Kaveri River using the captives brought from Sri Lanka as labourers.
Many Nayanars (Shaiv saints) were residents of this region..
After the Cholas, the region was controlled by the Pallavas. The Prayag Prashasti (inscriptions) of Samudragupt, have references of the Pallava king, Vishnugop.
In 850 A.D., Vijayalay made Tanjore his capital and re-established a new Chola dynastic rule which lasted for more than 400 years.
In 1010 A.D., noted Chola king, Rajaraja-I (985-1012) built this Brihadeshwar temple.
After the Cholas, some parts of the temple were also constructed during the Vijaynagar Empire and thereafter by the Nayaks of Madurai.
The region came under the Marathas during Shivaji’s campaign and the Peshwa rule. They renovated not only the main temple, but also the fort built by the Nayaks of Madurai.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Vrihadeshwar Temple:
Built in 1010 A.D., it was the biggest temple of its times. It is 14-storeyed with a 65 metre tall shikhar (top). All the parts of the temple are huge, like the ling (idol), the Nandi (bull), the Gopuram (tower at the entrance), and the Shikhar etc. Made from huge granite stones, the temple-engineering is amazing.
Rajraja Art Museum:
This art gallery situated in the palace has a beautiful collection of metal statues from the Chola period.
Saraswati Mahal Library:
Probably started in the Maratha period, this library has over 3000 handwritten creations written on copper plates. The library is open to researchers only.
Mariamma Temple:
This temple of Shakti was built in the 18th century. It is also called the Mathu Mariamma Temple where devotes come to ward off their own as well as their family’s illnesses.
The grandeur of this palace from the Nayak era can be gauged from its huge corridors, the durbar, the hall, and the beautiful engravings.

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
Cultural Programmes:
The South Zone Cultural Centre organises dance and music programmes in the Brihadeshwar Temple on the second and fourth Saturday of every month.
This 4-day agricultural festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and excitement as in the other parts of the state in the month of January.
Skand Shasti:
Kartikeya (Skand), Lord Shiv’s son and the Chief of the army of Gods was victorious over the demons. This festival celebrates his victory.
Arudra Darshanam:
This is the festival of Nataraj darshan on the Poornima of the Tamil month, Margazhi.
Kartik Deepam:
It begins on Kartik Shukla Panchmi when the entire city becomes holy and drenched with devotion to Shiv.

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
Category General
Name Raj House
Address Station Road, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 230 515
Category General
Name Ganesh Hotel
Address Srinivas Pillai Road, Railway Junction, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 231 113
Fax +91 - 4362 - 272 517
Category General
Name Ashok Lodge
Address 93, Adraham, Panditha Road, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu
Telephone +91 - 04 362 - 230 022
Category Medium
Name Oriental Tower
Address 2889, Srinivasan Pillai Road, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu - 613 001
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 230 724
Web Site www.hotelorientaltowers.com
Category Medium
Name Hotel Gnanam
Address Anna Salai (Bazar Road), Tanjore, Tamil Nadu - 613 001
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 278501 - 08
Fax +91 - 4362 - 233536
Web Site www.hotelgnanam.com
Category High
Name Sangam Hotel
Address Near Temple, Trichy Road, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu - 613 001
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 239 451
Fax +91 - 4362 - 236 695
Web Site www.hotelsangam.com
Category High
Name Parisutham Hotel
Address Post Box No. 86, G.A. Canal Road, Tanjore,
Tamil Nadu - 613001
Telephone +91 - 4362 - 231 801
Web Site www.hotelparisutham.com


Geographical  Location Height  Above  Sea Level Average Annual Rainfall
Latitude Longitude 50 metres 69 cm
10.7° N 79° E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum 30 33 36 37 38 37 36 35.5 35 31.5 30 30
Minimum 21 23 34 26 27 27 26 26 25 24 23 21
Important Information
Kaveri Delta is situated at about 50 metres above sea level.
May and June are the hottest months over here.
Compared to other parts of the country, rains are brought in by the north-east monsoon in November-December.
The ideal time to visit Tanjore is from December to April.

General Information

General Information: 
STD Code
Puja Timings 6.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m., 4.00-9.00 p.m.
Police Assistance
+91 - 4362 - 237 450
Ambulance/Hospital +91 - 4362 - 231 221
Currency  Exchange Dena Bank, Tanjore - 651 002.
Tel: +91 - 4362 - 231 174
State Bank of India, Tanjore - 614 601.
Tel: +91 - 4373 - 255 418
ATM Centre ICICI Bank, Gnanam Complex, Plot No. 25-26,
Opp. New Bus Stand, Tanjore - 613 005
State Bank of India, P. B. No. 45, Raja Mirasdar  Hospital,  Tanjore - 613 001.
Post Office
Head Office, Tanjore City.
Tel: +91 - 4362 - 273 374
Tourist Office
+91 - 4362 - 230 984
Tanjore paintings in which the painting is   decorated   with precious stones. Besides, one can   buy Nataraj   statues made of copper.
Good South Indian food is available at Satharas on Gandhi Road.
Food items can also be bought from Oriental Super Market.

Travel Planner

Address (Click on "A" to locate): 
PDF File: 
Airports in the vicinity: 
- Chennai
- Tiruchirapalli
- Pondicherry
Main Railway Stations Station Code
Kanchipuram CJ
Shrirangam SRGM
Kumbhakonam KMU
Tanjore TJ
Road Distance from Destinations: 
Kanchipuram Chennai 70 km
Tiruchirapalli 265 km


Chennai 310 km
Tiruchirapalli 10 km
Thingloor Kumbhakonam 32 km
Tanjore 13 km
Alankudi Kumbhakonam 103 km
Tanjavore 50 km
Tirunageshwar Kumbhakonam 7 km
Tanjavore 60 km
Tiruvenkadu Kumbhakonam 63 km
Tanjore 72 km
Thanjavur Chennai 321 km
Tiruchirapalli 55 km
Keezhaperumpallam Kumbhakonam 68 km
Tanjavore 76 km
Kanjanur Kumbhakonam 18 km
Tanjavore 64 km