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Vishnu Ananthasayanam, Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, History of Ananthasayana

Vishnu Ananthasayanam, Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, History of Ananthasayana

Vishnu Sites - Anantshayanam - Introduction


This Vishnu Temple is in Tiruanantpuram, the capital city of Kerala, and has been named after his 1000-hooded serpent, Anant.
The temple gets the name Anantshayanam due to the idol’s reclined posture on Anant and the name Padmanabhan Swami due to a lotus emanating from the navel of Vishnu.
Besides being a key centre for Kathakali classical dance form, this place also has training centres for Karnatak music and Kalaripattu, the ancient martial art form of Kerala.
Tourists visit in large numbers for Ayurvedic therapy and training in Yoga.
The effective beginning of India’s space research programme began here when the Thumba Rocket Launching Station and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre were established in 1962 and 1963 respectively.
The first techno-park in India was established here in 1995 and it is Asia’s third largest IT Park today.
Noted musician Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, sculptor Kanai Kunhiram and world renowned painter Raja Ravi Varma have also been associated with this city



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
Brahmand Puran, Mahabharat and poems by Alwar saints have mentioned about this region, in which it has been referred to as Anantvan.
 The largest idol of Lord Padmanabh resting on a serpent can be seen here and it is worshipped along with his 3 Shaktis (powers) – Shri Devi, Bhu-Devi and Neela Devi.
It is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared before his devotee, Diwakar, as a child and asked him to come to Anantvan. When Diwakar reached Anantvan, he saw the child enter a huge tree. Within moments the tree fell and Diwakar witnessed the huge Anantshayi form of Vishnu (reclined on the serpent, Anant).
Diwakar used wood from the same tree to make an idol of Lord Padmanabh and also built a temple. It is said that the temple was built 950 days after the beginning of the Kalyug.
It is believed that the huge form of Sheshshayi (reclining on serpent) form of Vishnu was spread over 12 miles from Matalya Teerth (Tirutalam) to Koltur. The present temple is in his navel region.

Historical Facts

The most ancient kingdom of this region is the Cher dynasty which has been referred to in the Sangam Literature. The king Udayan Jeral claimed that he had served food to both the sides during the battle of Mahabharat.
The second pillar inscription of Ashok refers to the region as Keral-Putra (son of Kerala) where he had sent a medical mission.
Ancient Roman and Greek documents have referred to the Puwar as an important commercial centre called Ophir.
In the middle ages, the region was ruled by Cholas, Pandyas and the Vijaynagar kingdom.
In 1049 A.D., due to the wearing of the wooden idol of Anantshayi Vishnu, the present day idol was made using 2000 kg of Shaligram stone.
In 1729 A.D., the state of Travancore was established by King Martand Varma. In 1733 A.D., the current temple was built and in 1745 A.D., Tiruanantpuram became the capital of Travancore state.
After independence, the king of Travancore, Chitra Thirunal Varma served as the Rajpramukh (head of state) of the united Travancore-Cochin province.
In 1957 A.D., after the state elections, the first non-Congress (communist) government came into power in India led by E. M. S. Namboodiripad.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Padmanabh Swami Temple:
It is situated in the heart of the city wherein an idol of Lord Vishnu, reclining on a serpent with 5 hoods, is placed. A lotus is seen emanating from his navel on which is seated Lord Brahma. Vishnu’s right hand is placed on a Shivling. To the southern part of the main section is the shrine of Narsingh while the western part has a Krishna Temple. The Kul-shekhar mandap is called Sahastra-stambh mandap. The Gopuram of the temple is 7-storeyed.
Attukal Bhagwati Temple:
In Tiruanantpuram, the main celebrations of Pongal are held here when food offerings to the Goddess are made. The Goddess is considered to be a form of Kannagi (mentioned in Chilappathikaram).
Ganpati Temple:
This temple is in Pazhavangadi and was built by a Nair soldier. About 10,000 coconuts are broken here everyday by devotees.
Varah Temple:
It is about 1 km from the Padmanabh Temple. In the temple, Goddess Laxmi is seen seated on the left thigh of Lord Varah.
Kuthiramalika Bhavan Museum:
A collection of precious articles from the Travancore state can be seen here.
CVN Kalari Sangam:
It is the training centre for the ancient martial art form of Kerala. Besides, Ayurvedic therapy and yoga is also taught here.
It is one of the best zoos in the country.
Kovalam Beach:
Situated 12 km to the south of Tiruanantpuram, it is one of the best beaches in India.

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
It is the largest festival in Kerala and is celebrated in August/September. On this occasion, the State Tourism Department organises many cultural programmes at various places in the city.
Surya Utsav:
It is the longest lasting festival (75 days) in the world. During the period, Kathakali dance, Karnatak music, local folk dance (Mohiniattam, Krishnattam) and film screenings are organised in entire Tiruanantpuram.
International Kerala Film Festival:
The Kerala Chalachitra (motion picture) Academy established in 1998 organises the festival in November/December every year. During the festival, films of various Indian languages are screened along with foreign films.
Nishigandha Dance and Music Programme:
This is organised every year for 10 days.
This is the biggest festival of Padmanabh Swami Temple and is celebrated once every 6 years. The next one is scheduled for January 2008. During the festival, abhishek (bathing of the Gods) and chanting of Vedic mantras is carried out for 2 months. The festival concludes with the lighting of 1 lakh lamps.
Tula Utsav:
This festival is celebrated in October/November every year and lasts for 10 days. A similar festival is held in the Chaitra month (March/April).

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
 Travaancore Rajsatram  Near Temple
 Mulji Jetha Dharmshala  Near Temple
 Category  General
 Name  Greenland Hotel
 Address  Thampanoor, Police Station, Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2323485
 Category  General
 Name  Pravin Tourist Home
 Address  Manjalikulam Road, Thampanoor, Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2330443
 Category  Medium
 Name  Jas Hotel
 Address  Thycaud, Aristo Junction, Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2324881 / 2324163 / 2324683
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2324443  
 Email  jas@md2.vsnl.net.in
 Web Site  www.jashotels.com
 Category  Medium
 Name  Highland Hotel
 Address  Manjalikulam Road, Thampanoor, Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2333200 / 2333721
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2332645
 Web Site  www.highland-hotel.com
 Category  Medium
 Name  Regency Hotel
 Address  Manjalikulam Cross Road, Thampanoor, Tiruanantpuram,
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2330377
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2331690
 Email  regencytvm@hotmail.com
 Web Site  www.hotelregency.com
 Category  High
 Name  Comfort Inn Grand
 Address  Opp. Old Secretariat, M. G. Road, Kerala - 695 001
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2471286
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2463609  
 Web Site  www.comfortinngrand.in
 Category  High
 Name  Pankaj Hotel
 Address  Opp. Old Secretariat, M. G. Road, Kerala - 695 001
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2464645
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2465020
 E-mail  pankaj@sancharnet.in  
 Web Site  www.pankajhotel.com
 Category  High
 Name  Mascot Hotel
 Address  Mascot Square, Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Telephone  +91 - 471 - 2318990
 Fax  +91 - 471 - 2317745
 E-mail  hotelmascot@vsnl.net 
 Web Site  www.ktdc.com


 Geographical  Location  Height  Above  Sea Level  Average Annual Rainfall
 Latitude  Longitude  5 metres  1700 mm
 8.5° N  77° E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

 Month  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct   Nov    Dec
 Maximum   31  32  33  32  21  29  29  29  30  30  30  31
 Minimum  23  23  24  25  25  24  23  22  23  23  23  23
Important Information
Tiruanantpuram is situated on the Malabar Coast. Here, the Karamana and the Killi Rivers flow, and very close is a fresh water lake, Veli.
The maximum temperature in the summers is 35 degrees Centigrade while the minimum temperature in the winters does not go below 20 degrees Centigrade.
It is known as an evergreen city where the tourists can visit at any time of the year. However, most of the tourists come between December and February.

General Information

General Information: 
 STD Code
 Puja Timings
 4.30 - 10.45 a.m., 5.00 - 8.30 p.m.
 Police Assistance
 Ambulance  101
 Hospital  Government Dental College, Medical College Campus,  Medical College, Tiruanantpuram
 Tel: +91 - 471 - 2444092
 Government Hospital, Peroorkada, Peroorkada,  Tiruanantpuram
 Tel: +91 - 471 - 2432071
 Medical College Hospital, Medical College,  Tiruanantpuram, Kerala
 Tel: +91 -  471 - 2445270
 Currency  Exchange
 Central Bank of India
 Tiruanantpuram, Kerala - 695 011
 Tel: +91 - 471 - 2471294
 UCO Bank
 P. B. No. 161, UCO Bank Building,
 Over Bridge, Tiruanantpuram,  Kerala - 695 001
 Tel: +91 - 0471 - 2331214
 ATM Centre  ICICI Bank, BPCL Petrol Pump, Bakery Junction,  Tiruanantpuram - 695 039
 SBI, Kovadiyar P. O., Opp. TI TTC Junction,  Tiruanantpuram, Kerala - 695 041
 Post Office
 Tiruanantpuram - 695001, Tel: +91 - 471- 2460725
 Tourist Office
 DTPC Tourist Office, Vellayambalam,  Tiruanantpuram
 Tel: +91 - 471 - 2315397
 Tourists can buy handicraft goods, sandalwood dolls,   various kinds of herbs, spices, coconut sweets etc.   These can be bought from Suryakiran Handicraft   while  the puja material can be purchased near the   temple.
  Tiruanantpuram has been developed as an international city, hence good restaurants and hotels have opened up at the main locations, like
Hotel Aryaras at the Railway Station.
India Coffee House at the Bus Stand.
The ideal time for visiting Gaya is from February to April and September to November.
Hotel Annapurna near Ganpati Temple.

Travel Planner

Address (Click on "A" to locate): 
PDF File: 
Airports in the vicinity: 
 Main Railway Stations  Station Code
 Madurai Jn.  MDU
 Rameshwaram  RMM
 Tiruanantpuram  TVC
 Kanyakumari  CAPE
 Kochi  KOCHI
Road Distance from Destinations: 
 Madurai  Kochi  232 km
 Rameshwaram  Kochi  297 km
 Tiruanantpuram  Kochi  126 km
 Shabrimala  Kochi  142 km
 Tiruvantapuram  160 km
 Kanyakumari   Madurai  236 km
 Rameshwaram  281 km