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Nathdwara Temple, Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, History of Nathdwara

Nathdwara Temple, Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara, History of Nathdwara

Vishnu Sites - Nathdwara - Introduction


Nathdwara, which means door (dwar) of God (Nath), is an important pilgrimage centre for Vaishnavs. Here, Lord Krishna is worshipped in the Govardhandhari (one who holds the Govardhan Mountain) form and is called Shrinathji.
The temple is a beautiful representation of the rich cultural tradition of arid Rajasthan. Here one can witness the delicate paintings, magnificent architecture, and melodious music from Rajasthan.
Nathdwara is situated at 48 km from Udaipur, in the Rajsamand district on the banks of the Banas River. The Shrinathji Temple here is one of the most prosperous temples in India.
Pushti-marg, a sect established within the Vaishnav faith by Jagadguru Vallabhacharya, believes that the attainment of moksh (salvation) depends on the blessings of Shrinathji. Nathdwara is also an important centre for the sect.
The idol of Shrinathji installed here was originally present in the Jatipur (Gopalpur) village near the Govardhan Mountain (Vrindavan). After the Mathura-Vrindavan rampage by Aurangzeb, it was brought here by the followers of Vallabhacharya.



Mythological Beliefs

Mythological Beliefs: 
This idol of Shrinathji is believed to be self manifested and had first appeared on the Govardhan Mountain.
 The Pushti-marg (Pushti sect) literature suggests that Shrinathji himself assured Vallabhacharya that he would appear for the liberation of Daivi-jivas (pure, divine souls).
According to folklore, Dhumar, a cow who was the direct descendent from the herd of Nandraiji’s cattle and owned by Sadhu Pandey of Anyor Village, would feed milk to Shrinathji through an opening in the Govardhan Mountain. This incident was responsible for the revelation of the divine idol.
It is believed that the day Dhumar cow got Shrinathji unearthed, the same day Vallabhacharya also appeared in Champaranya in Chhatisgarh.
Initially Shrinathji was called Devdaman. Vallabhacharya named him as Gopal and Jatipur Village as Gopalpur. Later, Vitthalnathji renamed him as Shrinathji.
Followers of Shrinathji believe that salvation is not attained by gyan (knowledge), karma (actions), yoga (meditation) or bhakti (devotion), but it is entirely dependent on Shrinathji’s blessings.

Historical Facts

The most ancient description of Shrinathji has appeared in Giriraj-khand of Gargasanhita where he has been referred to as Devdaman Shrinath.
Shrinathji appeared partly on Shravan Shukla Teej (August 1409 A.D.). In 1478 A.D., the idol appeared in its entirety.
In 1478 A.D., Vallabhacharya built a huge temple (haveli) in the Jatipur Village in Govardhan and installed the idol in it.
According to folklore, the Mughal Emperor Akbar also had faith in Shrinathji. It is said that the jewel embedded on Shrinathji’s chin was donated by Akbar.
In 1669-70 A.D., when Aurangzeb tried to destroy the temple, Shrinathji’s devotees took the idol to Agra followed by Gwalior, and finally brought it to Sihad Village at the assurance of the King Raj Singh of Mewad. This Sihad Village is the Nathdara of present day.
In the last few years of the 18th century and the early years of the 19th century, Nathdwara witnessed attacks from the Holkars of Indore, Medas, and Pindaris. As a result, the idol of Nathdwara was kept in Ghasiyar and Udaipur from 1803-1809 A.D. In 1809 A.D., the idol was brought back to Shrinathji. In this anarchical environment, the temple was fully supported by Rana Bheem Singh of Mewad.

Main Places To See

Main Places To See: 
Shrinathji Temple:
This 17th century temple represents Rajasthani architecture, known as haveli. In the temple, is worshipped the black stone idol of Krishna in the Govardhan-dhaari form. It was in this form that he subdued the pride of Indra and protected the people of Brij, cattle and other animals. The puja is performed as per the norms and procedure set by Vallabhacharya and his son Vitthalnath. The entire city is settled in the backdrop of the temple.
This city is at a 1-hour distance from Nathdwara. There are adequate options for tourists to stay here. A number of memorials of the Sisodias and Ranas of Mewad can be seen in a lively state even today.
Rajsamand Lake:
The lake was formed as a result of the dam built by Maharana Raj Singh in 1860 A.D. The natural view here is quite scenic.
There are 4 major pilgrimages in the Mewad region which can be easily reached from Nathdwara. The details of these pilgrimages are as follows:
 Nathdwara  0 km  Shri Nathji
 Dwarkadheesh  18 km  Shri Krishna
 Charbhuja  65 km  Shri Vishnu
 Eklingji  28 km  Sadashiv

Main Festivals

Main Festivals: 
The key festivals in Nathdwara and the time of celebration are as follows:
Chaitra (April)
Shri Ramnavmi
Chaitra (April)
Shri Vallabhacharya Jayanti
Vaishakh (May)
Shri Navitpriyaji Ka Manorath
Jyeshth (June)
Ganga Dashera
Jyeshth (June)
Aashadh (July)
Thakurani Teej
Shravan (August)
Shri Vishnuswami Prakatyotsav
Bhadrapad (August)
Bhadrapad (August)
Nand Mahotsav
Bhadrapad (August)
Bhadrapad (August)
Ashwin (October)

Where To Stay

Where To Stay : 
 Dheeraj Dham  In Bazar
 New Cottage  In Bazar
 Chitalwala and Balasinor  Sabzi Bazar
 Vallabh Cottage  Near Temple
 Category  General
 Name  Hotel Gokul
 Address  Near Lalbaug, Nathdwara
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 230 917
 Category  General
 Name  Hotel Yatrika
 Address  Nathuwas, Nathdwara, Rajasthan - 313 301
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 231 119
 Category  Medium
 Name  Hotel Vallabh Darshan
 Address  Chowpatty Bazar, Nathdwara - 313 301
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 230 344 / 230 038
 Fax  +91 - 2953 - 234 935
 Category  Medium
 Name  Nikunj River Resort
 Address  Yashoda Nandan Garden, Bagol Road, Nathdwara
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 230 102, 09829033396
 Fax  +91 - 2953 - 230 102
 Email  nikunj-reservation@yahoo.com
 Web Site  www.nikunjvrindashreenathji.com
 Category  High
 Name  Hotel Utsav
 Address  Nathdwara, Rajasthan - 313 301
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 234 675 / 234 675
 Fax  +91 - 2953 - 230 977
 E-mail  paradisegroupjpr@sify.com
 Category  High
 Name  Devighar Resort
 Address  Village-Delwara, Tehsil-Nathdwara, Rajasthan
 Telephone  +91 - 2953 - 289 211
 Fax  +91 - 2953 - 289 357
 Web Site  www.deviresorts.com


 Geographical  Location  Height  Above  Sea Level  Average Annual Rainfall
 Latitude  Longitude  585 metres  60 cm
 25° N  73.8° E

Temperature is given in degrees Celsius.

 Month  Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct   Nov    Dec
 Maximum   24  26  31  35  36  35  30  30  30  31  28  25
 Minimum  7  9  15  20  25  25  24  24  21  16  11  8
Important Information
Nathdwara is situated amidst the Aravali mountain range, on the banks of the Banas River.
The temperature in summer is at a maximum of 42 degrees and a minimum of 25 degrees Centigrade while that in winter is 22 degrees and 2 degrees respectively. It gets very humid in August and September when the humidity level is as high as 90%.
The best time to visit Nathdwara is October-November and February to mid-April. Some tourists visit in August-September during Janmashtami.

General Information

General Information: 
 STD Code
 Puja Timings
 5.30-11.00 a.m., 4.00-10.00 p.m.
 Police Assistance
 +91-2953- 2310910
 Hospital/Ambulance  Civil Hospital,
 Tel: +91 - 2953 - 234 651, 230 365
 Currency  Exchange
 HDFC Bank
 0-19A, Ashok Marg, Chitrakoot-Scheme, Jaipur
 Tel: +91-2953 - 2371778, +91-2953 - 2333333
 E-mail: info@hdfcbank.com
 ATM Centre  State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, Shop No. 10,  
 Vandana Bazar,
 Nathdwara, Rajasthan
 HDFC, Roadways Bus Stand, Udaipur, Rajasthan
 ICICI Bank ATM, Delhi Bazar, Nathdwara,
 Udaipur - 313 301
 Post Office
 Nathdwara, Head Office Kankroli,
 Taluka-Nathdwara, Rajasthan
 Tel: +91-2953 - 233 640
 Tourist Office
 Rajasthan Tourism, Fateh Memorial,
 Suraj Pol, Udaipur
 Tel: +91-2953-2411535, 2521971, 2521364
 Pichhwai i.e. traditional paintings on Krishna’s life   can   be  bought from Chowpatty Bazar. Besides, local   handicraft goods and herbs can also be purchased   from   the local market.
Like Jagannathpuri, the most popular food in Nathdwara is the Mahaprasad made in the temple kitchen. It is sold outside the temple too. Tourists here, certainly try the Saubhagya Sonth and Basundi.

Travel Planner

Address (Click on "A" to locate): 
PDF File: 
Airports in the vicinity: 
 Main Railway Stations  Station Code
 Abu Road  ABR
 Udaipur City  UDZ
 Chittaurgarh  COR
 Jodhpur  JU
 Jaipur  JP
 Ajmer  AII
Road Distance from Destinations: 
 Ek Lings Ji  Udaipur  20 km
 Ahemadabad  270 km
 Nathwdara  20 km
 Chittaurgarh  58 km
 Ajmer  197 km


 Udaipur  42 km
 Ahemadabad  292 km
 Jodhpur  207 km
 Chittaurgarh  97 km
 Ajmer  209 km
 Pushkar  Jaipur  151 km
 Bikaner  249 km
 Ajmer  11 km
 Udaipur  263 km
 Jodhpur  176 km